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Compare safe and affordable hospitals near you.

Hospitals are large, complex systems. While you may trust a particular doctor or the name on the side of the building, there are lots of ways for a hospital visit to turn into a nightmare. Here are the things you should know before you are sick.

3 Questions You Should be Asking:

Is my hospital effective?

How many patients have their medical concerns adequately addressed?

Look for metrics such as:

  • patient outcomes for procedures
  • unplanned readmission rates
  • Emergency Room wait times

Is my hospital safe?

Are patients here getting sicker, or having unnecessary complications?

Look for metrics such as:

  • rates of hospital-acquired infections
  • medication safety policies
  • "Never Event" procedures

Is my hospital affordable?

How does the hospital charge relative to others in the area?

Look for metrics such as:

  • medicare billing rates
  • unnecessary medical imaging and tests
  • staggering executive compensation packages

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